What majority of guys on Tumblr like (AKA how a girl can get alot of notes on their pic)…

Ladies must be…

  • Lighter skin tone (Yellow to Milk-Chocolate; Preferably mixed)
  • Long Hair
  • Nice boobs (preferably C-cups and up)
  • Nice ass 
  • Taller in height (5’5” to 5’9”)
  • Lighter eyes (Light brown, Blue, Hazel, Green, etc.)
  • Nice lips (so she can do that “kissy-blowfish-face-thats-not-cute-and-flicks-off-camera)
  • Has that natural look (some may ACTUALLY be natural, some have on make up to do the “natural look”
  • Wears a snapback
  • Piercings are optional (lips, eyebrow, nipples are acceptable)
  • Wears leggings (or anything that makes your butt look big but not too big)
  • Wears trendy sneakers
  • Has a “Unique” look to her (its in quotes cause, its not unique)
  • Willing to participate in Topless Tuesdays
  • Has a “Bad Bitch” kind of swag in her pics

Ladies, I love each and everyone of yall, and I’m saying this out of love:


Personally, yeah, its cute sometimes. But when you see this EVERYDAY on your dash, it gets kind of annoying. Not hating on anyone who fall under the part of the list where you have to be born with that specific characteristic. But just know, just because your of lighter tone, DOES NOT mean your automatically attractive. A personality can kill ones appearance. I’m a firm believer of that. I’ve seen some fairly attractive girls though, that have the bitchiest personalities to people who just want to make a conversation, and I must say.. Its a real turn off. Thats just how I feel. Don’t like it, hey, I’m not one to stop you from hating. Do as you please. AND NO, I’m not blogging this because I’ve been turned down by someone on tumblr before. I’m blogging this because I want to show yall how individuality is slowly dying. Please note that. I love making friends on this site, and meeting new people, and if you do follow me and fit this list, its no hate directed towards yall. I followed back and still follow for a reason. If future followers see this and they fit this list, I’m not attacking you either. Just note that personality goes a long way. BUT IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM THIS IS A PROMO FOR MY BLOG. I JUST WANTED TO GET THIS OFF MY CHEST

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    whoever made this does not know guys. Not all are like this.
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    Individuality isn’t slowly dying. It’s RAPIDLY dying and has been for quite some time…
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